Vijest - Poziv za sudjelovanje na edukaciji o osmišljavanju edukativnih radionica
Poziv za sudjelovanje na edukaciji o osmišljavanju edukativnih radionica

Prenosimo poziv za prijavu sudionika udruge Ringišpil 8 koja od 13. do 20. rujna provodi međunarodno osposobljavanje u Zadru financirano kroz Erasmus+, pod nazivom "Kako osmisliti i dizajnirati edukativnu radionicu".
U nastavku info na engleskom:

Training Course „How to design a learning experience”
We will educate youth workers/teachers/educators on how to envision, design and implement learning activities for youngsters. 
The main goal of the LTTA is to support the participating youth workers and educational trainers in developing their competences as youth trainers/educators/providers of non-formal education in delivering training for other staff of the youth centres and youth organisations, youth workers, youth leaders and youngsters peer educators on developing successful learning activities for youngsters. 

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For the Agenda of the training course and Infosheet click here.

Aim and objectives of the TC
The aim of this project is to empower our members and youth workers, raising their knowledge and skills level in the field of youth work and non-formal education, exploring step by step how to develop an educational activity.
Objectives of the training course:
·      To enhance cooperation between our youth workers and organizations
·      To explore what is learning and the different types of learning
·      To explore the experiential learning cycle 
·      To explore and discuss different approaches to learning activities of our partner organisations
·      To explore how to assess the needs of the target group
·      To explore how to set objectives of the educational activity 
·      To explore different methods and techniques of work in non-formal youth education
·      To explore and learn about basic elements of the educational activity
·      To explore debriefing and discussion parts of the learning activity
·      To explore principles of participatory learning activities and how to follow them
·      To explore and discuss how to deal with challenges during the implementation of educational activity
·      To practise developing and implementing educational activity
·      To explore the Youthpass certificate and frame of 8 key competences

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